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“With every song I sing, I want to touch people’s hearts--- let them feel the passion  I have for music.”---Phil Naro

Phil Naro has been passionate about making music his entire life. Growing up in a predominately rock ‘n’ roll environment, he embraced the culture and gradually developed into that rarified genre of musician--- a “singer’s” singer/songwriter.” 

It was that unique talent that skyrocketed him into an international music career as a member of the “glam metal” band Talas (featuring superstar bassist Billy Sheehan) in the 1980’s. During this time, Phil also successfully balanced an in-demand solo career, performing with many of the top 80’s hard rock bands including, Yngwie Malmsteen, Anthrax, White Lion, Quiet Riot, and Iron Maiden. 

Ultimately, he paired his powerful voice on a number of recording projects with KISS founding member Peter Criss and later with Canadian rocker Coney Hatch. Phil also co-wrote and recorded several tracks with guitarist and founding member of The Rascals, Gene Cornish, and co-wrote three songs for Canadian Artist, Lee Aaron for her 1989 Album, Bodyrock, which went Double Platinum. 

Naro’s continuing stream of singing and songwriting triumphs made him a celebrated performer

 across both the American and Canadian music scenes. 

It also earned him notice from other music celebrities, which led to star power collaborations . 

In 2016, Naro partnered to form The Platinum Rock All-Stars, a supergroup that features Vanilla Fudge-Cactus drummer, 

Carmine Appice- Jeff Beck's drummer, Ron Bumblefoot Thal-Sons Of Apollo/ASIA/ex-Guns N Roses guitarist, Tony Franklin-former Whitesnake/The Firm bassist and Geoff Downes -Yes/Asia/ Buggles keyboardist. 

Collectively the members have sold close to 130 million records and, when in concert, 

delight crowds with performances of hit songs from their various groups. 

In 2019, Phil joined the other members of Talas for a reunion tour, playing venues across America. 

The band’s popularity with audiences throughout the country led to a new record deal, which they are currently finishing 

as a studio album for the Metal Blade Label, due out in the summer of 2020.

Phil is also focused on a new, solo album entitled A Life in Song. It is a collection of hard-hitting, original music showcasing his unmistakably powerful voice. Drawing on the musical diversity of artists such as The Beatles, ELO, Led Zeppelin, YES and The Who.

 Phil describes the music as, “….covering many styles with each song having its own identity, 

able to stand on its own as a work of art. It’s some of the best I have ever written.”

Joining with Phil Naro on A Life in Song are a myriad of rock superstars including Elliott Easton from The Cars and Empty Hearts, Julian Lennon, Brian May of Queen, former Michael Jackson drummer John Robinson and ex-WHAM/ George Michael bassist Leon Estus. 

Phil describes the combination of musical genres and diverse performers as "sonic landscapes and otherworldly talent".

“This new album will show a different side of my musicality as well as what matters to me as a person and an artist. 

It is truly a reflection of my life in song.”

Phil Naro is a proud father of two sons, John and James, both born with music in their blood. 

They are following in their father’s footsteps as singers/guitar players/ songwriters and the three often collaborate 

in creating amazing music and unforgettable memories.

Photo by:  Julia Li


I have had the pleasure of working with many talents in my life as a musician.  Here are some of my current bands that are on the road



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As Phil Naro’s creative life of song writing takes new heights, 

his performance calendar usually speaks for itself!

Great music is performed by several collaborative regular engagements at a variety of venues in Rochester, NY, USA  as well as in several locations in south of Ontario, Canada: Shore, Timothy’s, Rockpile, Duke of Westminster, St, George Pub - to name but a few.

Phil & John Show – Phil Naro and John Rogers – great classic and original tune acoustic covers

Ozone Baby – Phil Naro, John Rogers, Steve Major, Enzo Lapadula and Glenn Nash – 

an amazing tribute band to Led Zeppelin music

Talas – Phil Naro, Billy Sheehan, Mark Miller, Kire Najdovski

DDrive – Phil Naro & Don Mancuso

BackHand - Pablo Mendoza, Adolfo Herrera, Adrian Van Woerkom, Oscar Fanega, Phil Naro

Other musicians to join Phil in his performances are Sil Simone, John & James Naro, 

Lou Gramm, Brian Tarquin, Carmine Appice, Ron Bumblefoot Thal, Tony Franklin, 

 Geoff Downes, Michael Hund.  

Event calendar posted on this page will keep you up-to-date on the next 

opportunity to hear Phil perform with his friends.

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